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How to get clear skin


About 75% of people in the world have suffered from acne and this problem usually last till adulthood. An acne breakout will ruin your looks and damage your skin. Acne scars that are left behind will take months to years before it can go away, with some scars taking a whole lifetime to lighten. Therefore, we need to know the stages of acne to better understand how to get clear skin using the right methods.

At stage 0, there are just minor signs of acne.You can't really see the acne and you won't know about it. Therefore, you can just ignore it.

Stage 1 is where the acne is starting. This usually starts with whiteheads or blackheads. If you know how to pop a pimple the right way, you can remove it on your own. This stage is usually the start off point and if you do not remove the problem, it may escalate to stage 2. Therefore, learn how to pop a pimple and remove it on your own.

Stage 2 is where there are small inflammation and you may notice the skin changing. Papules may form and proper care must be taken immediately or it may worsen. Papules are skin lesions slightly raised. They are usually hard and small, and can usually be treated easily using creams and drugs.

Stage 3 is where the skin experience a breakout of papules. You will notice lots of papules and they are usually red. Usually at this stage, the skin will start to get worst quickly and proper treatment must be used immediately.For more info visit How to get clear skin.

Stage 4 is where the papules have gotten worst already and pastules are formed. Usually, the pastules that are formed will be filled heavily with pus and this is the stage where acne is fully developed and can only get worst.

Stage 5 is the start of the severe acne stage and you will find nodules and cysts all over the face. You will notice that the pastules are developing into nodules and cysts and all these will lead to heavy scarring. This stage is dangerous and will take a long time to go back to clear skin.

Stage 6 is where the skin will be red and nodules and cysts are starting to explode out of the skin surface. This can lead to skin infections and you have to seek treatment immediately.

Stage 7 is the final stage, where the noduels and cysts have more or less finished bursting out of the skin and the skin will be filled with heavy scarring. During this stage, it is best to let the skin calm down first before removing the scars.

Learn how to get clear skin while at each of the stages with We are the experts at acne care.Please visit our website at How to get clear skin.


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